When is the Best Month to Buy a Car?

When is the Best Month to Buy a Car

Memorial Day in May? Black Friday in November? When to find the Best Deals

Buying a car is an inexact science. Year-round, dealerships advertise promotions and specials, while savvy buyers can feel like they got a great deal no matter what time of the year it is.

Everyone has their own take on the best month to buy a car but it isn’t limited to just the best month to buy a car. Holidays, weather and availability all play their own part in the best time to buy a new car. 

Is the Best Month to Buy a Car in January or February?

January is a great month to buy a car if you’re going to buy used or certified pre-owned. December is typically thought to be one of the best months to buy a new car, because the year is coming to a close and there are plenty of promotions to be had. Since December is one of the highest volume months for car sales, there is typically a large supply of used cars from recent trade ins during January. Supply and demand dictates that January is an excellent month to buy a used car.

February is usually a slow sales month for dealerships due to a variety of factors. The latest model year isn’t as hot as it was in the fall, and dreary winter weather can keep buyers off the lot. President’s Day, considered one of the better holidays for car buying is also in February. 

Is the Best Month to Buy a Car March, April or May?

The springtime is not the most ideal time to purchase a car new or used because dealerships are typically left with limited used inventory from winter trades, while nicer weather brings out more buyers. Tax refunds typically stimulate car buying, and dealerships are always willing to take advantage of consumer windfall. If you can avoid buying a car during the spring, you are better off. Of course, good deals can be had year-round, and Memorial Day provides a number of great deals. Take a look at what other buyers have paid on TrueCar or another car buying resource and come armed with information if you plan on buying during the spring.

Is the Best Month to Buy a Car During During the Summer?

Typically, used inventory picks up during the summer months, and for most manufacturers the new model year begins late in the summer. August may be the best month to buy a car but only if you aren’t set on getting the latest model. Dealers are actively trying to push out last year’s vehicles to make way for new ones coming in September, and you can always get a good deal when a model year being cleared out.

Is the Best Month to Buy a Car September?

September is another big month, because the new model year is here, and last year’s models are…still here.

Going with one of these vehicles can potentially save you thousands, but be prepared to pay a premium if you buy the latest and greatest.

Is the Best Month to Buy a Car November?

November is the best month to buy pretty much everything, as Black Friday holds a special place in the hearts of American consumers.

Most dealerships forgo the whole waking up at the crack of dawn for a once in a lifetime sale thing and offer Black Friday savings all month-long.

If you’re planning to buy on Black Friday it’s important to get ahead of the game, and schedule an appointment beforehand while knowing exactly what you want. Dealerships are busy places on Black Friday, and buying a car isn’t an in and out process.

Black Friday also has the benefit of occurring late in the month, when dealerships are trying to make sales quotas.

Is the Best Month to Buy a Car December?

Dealerships want to finish out the year strong. They also may have some cars leftover from the last model year they have to get rid of. It can snow in December. These factors make December one of the best months to buy a car. 

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