Testimonials about Auto Financing Made Easy with CARS

Auto Financing made easy. That’s been CARS philosophy since 1998, and over the years, several satisfied customers from all over the country have shared stories with us about how they were able to lower car payments and get a car loan refinanced quickly and in many cases, almost effortlessly.

We attribute our high customer satisfaction levels to the people throughout our organization who place such a high emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, making it easy to get a car loan refinanced and lower car payments to something more affordable.

Often times, we are even able to shave months off a car payment, by lowering costly interest rates. Our customers have spoken very highly of our staff, and the overall satisfaction they have received by refinancing their car loan with us, saving thousands of dollars.

When people get a car loan, they often don’t take into account the fact that they can get a better rate somewhere rather than the dealership. Years down the road, interest rates may also become lower, dependent on a variety of personal and market-based variants, making refinancing an important money-saving option.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what real customers are saying about CARS and how our auto financing made easy has made an impact.

Best In-Class Customer Service

“No one else I know of provides a service comparable to this. Thank you very much.”
Dane S., Qualls, AR

“The CARS, Inc. staff was both highly professional and efficient. I was extremely grateful.”
Edward G., Oakville, CT

“Staff did an exceptional job! Best customer service I’ve seen in a while! Thank you for a positive experience.”
Coral W., Augusta, GA

“Your Loan Application Specialist was excellent!”
Pauline S., Leechburg, PA

“Your staff is very professional and helpful over the phone.”
Joseph B., Graham, MO

“Your staff was very helpful and answered all my questions nicely.”
Donna B., Hoschton, GA

“The CARS staff was very helpful. They made everything so easy and comfortable for me. Yes I would recommend CARS to anyone.”
John W., FL

“The gentlemen from CARS, Inc. who I spoke with took the time to explain the procedure to me and answered all my questions. He was also very professional, and explained every aspect of what would occur during the process. I would recommend CARS, Inc. highly to anyone who is thinking about refinancing. Great work CARS, Inc.!!”
Sharon L., Hallquist, MO

We Help Lower Car Payments

“I cancelled a previous application via a different lender because your rate was lower.”
Kenneth R., Johnson, MA

“The interest rate on my new vehicle was fairly low, but refinancing is saving me $1,000.00 over the course of my loan!! Thanks!!”
Jeanne M., Bandy, VA

Auto Financing Made Easy

“It was so easy I couldn’t believe it! Thank you!”
Connie C., Nuijens, CA

“Refinancing with CARS, Inc. was easy. I highly recommend it!”
Dana L., Battle, GA

“Your company was very quick, helpful and very easy to talk to. A pleasure doing business with you.”
Kim F., Starrick, PA

We Get What Others Don’t

“Thanks to someone in your office, I was made aware that I could get a refund on my GAP insurance. I finally received it even though they tried to ignore me. I chose not to let that happen. Again, my thanks to you.”
Evelyn F., Davidson, TN

Our Customers Refer Their Friends

“God Bless you all! I already referred a friend.”
Juan O., Weslaco, TX

“I was very pleased and have referred friends.”
Martha M., Selma, AL

Auto financing made easy. That’s CARS philosophy. We will help lower car payments, and help you get a car loan you can actually afford. Join thousands of satisfied customers over the years, and let us help you tell your own success story.

Fill out a refinancing application today, or contact us to learn more!