Can You Refinance A Car With Us?

If you have decided that auto loan refinancing is right for you, there are several program qualifications taken into account dependent on information provided in your initial application.

Find out below if you meet our program guidelines.

Are you at least 18 years old?

In order to qualify for our auto loan refinancing program, all applicants must be 18 years old.

Are you a US Citizen?

CARS cannot process applications for auto loan refinancing filed by non-US citizens.

How old is your vehicle?

CARS can only refinance vehicles that are newer than 8 years old.

How Many Miles are on your vehicle?

Vehicles eligible for our auto loan refinancing program must have fewer than 100,000 miles at time of refinancing.

Do You own or Lease Your Vehicle?

CARS can only process applications for vehicles that are owned, and we do not refinance leased vehicles. A loan must already be established on your vehicle in order to qualify.

How Much Do You Owe On Your Current Loan?

Your current loan balance must be at least $8,500 in order to qualify for our auto loan refinancing program.

Have You Filed Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy must be discharged and released by the court at least one year ago from today’s date in order to be eligible.

Do You Make At least $1,200 a month?

The income requirement to participate in our auto loan refinancing program is $1,200 a month, and can be combined with the income of a co-applicant, if applicable.

Do You Want to Refinance a Personal or Work Vehicle?

CARS refinances personal vehicles, and does not provide auto loan refinancing for work vehicles.

Are You Eligible? Apply Online Today!

Can you refinance a car with us? If you have determined you meet our program guidelines, given the above criteria to refinance your auto loan through CARS, take the next step towards lower car payments and a better rate by using our secure online application!

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