What Do Extended Service Plans Cover?

CARS extended service plans cover just about everything your manufacturer’s warranty covered previously, and a maintenance contract can eliminate costly expenses that naturally arise as a vehicle ages.

Our service protection plan can cover you well beyond the 36,000 miles or so your manufacturer had covered, or is covering you for, and then some, providing protection for unforeseen repairs. All we ask is that you continue to follow your manufacturer’s specifications, as something that would jeopardize your warranty with them (after-market accessories, etc.) could very well jeopardize your maintenance contract as well.

When your vehicle breaks down, all you have to do is call the provided 800 number for claims support, take your vehicle to any covered repair facility, and have them call our claims office to approve your claim.

Where Can I get Repairs Covered by My Service Protection Plan?

Our extended service plans are good just about anywhere!

Our service protection plans allow you to utilize any ASE Certified Repair facility. Those include dealers, national chains or even your local mechanic just down the street!

We make sure your claims are paid fast over the phone via our corporate credit card. Relax, and let us take care of the bill! All you have to pay is a small deductible, and zero-deductible plans at a higher up-front cost are also available.

Contact CARS today to learn how a maintenance contract can keep you on the road, for many miles to come!