Our Current Refinance Rates for Vehicle Loans

CARS is committed to providing its customers with the very best auto refinance rates for their given situation, as our lenders take a variety of factors into account when determining rates for new customers.

Typically, our lenders are able to provide prospective customers with incredibly competitive auto refinance rates, in many cases, much lower than what customers are paying as part of their existing loans.

Our lenders compete to provide you with the best possible auto refinance rates. If we are unable to beat the rate you are currently paying, we will be up front and honest about it.

Rate quotes from CARS don’t come with an obligation. It’s OK to shop around for the best refinancing rates, and if you somehow happen to find a lower rate somewhere else, we won’t fault you for doing your homework.

We want the very best for our customers and potential customers, and that’s why we put a very high focus on customer service, and run our business how we would like businesses to treat us as a customer.

Current Refinance Rates

Currently, our lowest rate available is 2.39% APR1. However, a variety of factors influence current refinance rates, and you may be quoted a higher rate than 2.39%.

A variety of factors go into your quoted APR, including:

  • Age of vehicle
  • Term of loan
  • Loan-to-value
  • Your credit score

Other factors that may influence refinancing rates include the availability of direct debit, the amount of your loan and other factors.

All of our auto refinance rates are calculated using simple interest. All loans feature fixed rates, with no prepayment penalties.

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1Represents the lowest annual percentage rate (APR) available.  The APR offered is based upon the applicant’s year of vehicle, term, loan-to-value and credit score.  APR’s may vary based on loan characteristics, including but not limited to, automatic debit of payments, amount of the loan, and other factors.  All loans are simple interest, fixed rate loans with no prepayment penalty from one of our lending partners.